Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/28 Playlists and a Cool Album

Okay so down there is my personal upload of Foals' new release, Total Life Forever.
The amount of goodness is overwhelming, and slightly seductive. Download it at your leisure, but definitely sooner rather than later.

Foals - Total Life Forever (top tracks = 11, 1, 8, and 10, which sounds like In Rainbows v2.0)
>post-punk, Bloc Party-esque Brit style

Foals - Electric Bloom - Antidotes

Pantha Du Prince - Lay In a Shimmer - Black Noise**(New in Studio)
William Orbit - They Live in the Sky - Hello Waveforms
Juan Maclean - Still Going (Spaghetti Circus) - DJ-KIcks**
Sugar and Gold - Stay Soft - Get Wet!**
UNKLE - Caged Bird - Where Did the Night Fall**

Vista - Elixir - Fabric Presents: Elevator Music Vol 1**
Ruxpin - My Tricycle Can Float From Planet to Planet - Where Do We Float From Here?**
Junior Boys - Teach Me How to Fight - Last Exit

Eclipsed - Halo (LFO Mix) - Dimensions in Ambience
Epic45 - Ghosts on Tape - In All the Empty Houses
Foals - After Glow - Total Life Forever
Tortoise - Gigantes - Beacons of Ancestorship
Musee Mecanique - Sleeping in Our Clothes - Hold This Ghost
Horse Feathers - Belly of June - Thistled Spring**
Typhoon - White Liars - Hunger and Thirst**
Freelance Whales - Broken Horse - Weathervanes**
The Radio Dept. - This Past Week - This Past Week
The Depreciation Guild - Heavy Eyes - In Her Gentle Jaws
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Some Trees (Merrit Moon) - Why There Are Mountains

Caribou - Jamelia - Swim**
Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Carl Craig PCP Remix) - One Life Stand the Remixes**
Blue Velvet - Destination - Rotation**
Laromlab - Mission for Glory - S/T
Hawke - Now We Know (Lovesky Remix) - Heatstroke
Eluvium - Leaves Eclipse the Light - Similes**
City of Satellites - Skeletons - Machine is My Animal
Free Electric State - The Black Sea - Caress**

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