Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/28 Playlists and a Cool Album

Okay so down there is my personal upload of Foals' new release, Total Life Forever.
The amount of goodness is overwhelming, and slightly seductive. Download it at your leisure, but definitely sooner rather than later.

Foals - Total Life Forever (top tracks = 11, 1, 8, and 10, which sounds like In Rainbows v2.0)
>post-punk, Bloc Party-esque Brit style

Foals - Electric Bloom - Antidotes

Pantha Du Prince - Lay In a Shimmer - Black Noise**(New in Studio)
William Orbit - They Live in the Sky - Hello Waveforms
Juan Maclean - Still Going (Spaghetti Circus) - DJ-KIcks**
Sugar and Gold - Stay Soft - Get Wet!**
UNKLE - Caged Bird - Where Did the Night Fall**

Vista - Elixir - Fabric Presents: Elevator Music Vol 1**
Ruxpin - My Tricycle Can Float From Planet to Planet - Where Do We Float From Here?**
Junior Boys - Teach Me How to Fight - Last Exit

Eclipsed - Halo (LFO Mix) - Dimensions in Ambience
Epic45 - Ghosts on Tape - In All the Empty Houses
Foals - After Glow - Total Life Forever
Tortoise - Gigantes - Beacons of Ancestorship
Musee Mecanique - Sleeping in Our Clothes - Hold This Ghost
Horse Feathers - Belly of June - Thistled Spring**
Typhoon - White Liars - Hunger and Thirst**
Freelance Whales - Broken Horse - Weathervanes**
The Radio Dept. - This Past Week - This Past Week
The Depreciation Guild - Heavy Eyes - In Her Gentle Jaws
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Some Trees (Merrit Moon) - Why There Are Mountains

Caribou - Jamelia - Swim**
Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Carl Craig PCP Remix) - One Life Stand the Remixes**
Blue Velvet - Destination - Rotation**
Laromlab - Mission for Glory - S/T
Hawke - Now We Know (Lovesky Remix) - Heatstroke
Eluvium - Leaves Eclipse the Light - Similes**
City of Satellites - Skeletons - Machine is My Animal
Free Electric State - The Black Sea - Caress**

4/28 Postan Last Week's Playlist

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Storm - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Gregory and the Hawk - Voice Like a Bell - Moenie and Kitchi
Seabear - Softship - We Built a Fire**
Avi Buffalo - Coaxed - S/T**
Fionn Reagan - Coat Hook - Shadow of an Empire
The Dodos - Time to Die - Time to Die
Typhoon - Belly of the Cavern - Hunger and Thirst**
We Were Promised Jetpacks - This is my House, This is my Home - These Four Walls
Horse Feathers - Thistled Spring - Thistled Spring**

Horse Feathers - Cascades - Thistled Spring**
Sun Kil Moon - Unlit Hallway - April
Black Prairie - Single Mistake - Feast of the Hunters Moon**
Codeine - Ides - The White Birch
Carta - Who Killed the Clerk - An Index of Birds**
Do Make Say Think - Executioner Blues - You, You're a History in Rust
Aarktica - Instill (Remora Remix) - In Sea Remixes
Efterklang - MIrror Mirror - Magic Chairs
Holopaw - The Last Transmission (Honeybee) - Oh Glory, Oh Wilderness
In Tall Buildings - Walking Man - S/T**

Caribou - Bowls - Swim**
UNKLE - Natural Selection - Where Did Night Fall**
Clara Moto - Deer and Fox - Polyamour**
Birds+Batteries - Sneaky Times - Up To No Good
Small Black - Lady in the Wires - S/T
Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human at All - S/T
Hood - The Winter Hit Hard - Cold House
Biosphere - Chukhung - Substrata
Gui Boratto - Atomic Soda - Take My Breath Away

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 am is for commting crimes, not radio! 4/14/10

Playin some folk in the middle, cuz electronic just gets bland after a while
also that disclaimer is on its way, going to upload bonobo and Sun Kil Moon

Bonobo - Eyesdown ft. Andreya Triana - Black Sands**(New in Studio)
Berry Weight - Magician's Assistant - Music for Imaginary Movies**

Jonsi - Tornado - Go**
Do Make Say Think - A With Living - You, You're a History in Rust
Do Make Say Think - The Universe! - You, You're a History in Rust
Sun Kil Moon - Duk Koo Kim - Ghosts of the Great Highway
The Sight Below - New Dawn Fades - It All Falls Apart**
Anaphylaxis - A Valentine - Noise for Lovers

Black Prairie - Red Rocking Chair - Feast of the Hunters Moon**
Sarah June - Brand of Bitterness - In Black Robes**
Liam Finn and Eliza Jane - Wont Change My Mind - Champagne in Seashells
In Tall Buildings - Elvis Presley Blues - S/T**
Xiu Xiu - This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy) - Dear God, I Hate Myself**
Seabear - Cold Summer - We Built a Fire
Shout Out Louds - Your Parents Living Room - Our Ill Wills
Nana Grizol - From Here - Ruth
Okkervil River - Calling and Not Calling My Ex - The Stand Ins
Los Campesinos! - I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know - Romance
Is Boring**
Dodos - The Season - Visiter

Near the Parenthesis - Lambent Traces of the Day - Music for the Forest
Pantha du Prince - The Splendour - Black Noise**
2A - Unfolded Squares of Weakness - Hologram
Sally Shapiro - Sleep in My Arms - Disco Romance
Guitar - Ayako - Tokyo
Bei Bei and Shawn Lee - The Blue Grotto - Into the Wind**
Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins - Ancient Chinese Secret - Fascinating Fingers
Emilie Simon - In the Lake - The Flower Book
Ruxpin - Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable - Where Do We Float From Here?**
Blue Velvet - Gods are Created With a Meter - Rotation**
V/A - If Thats How I Feel - Elevator Music Vol: 1
Another Electric Musician - Late Monday - States of Space**

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4/7 Oh man 3-6 am makes me sleepy!

Three hours is a lot of time to cover!! also im going to be uploading Jonsi's new cd to mediafire and posting it soon, once i write a decent disclaimer and such.

The One AM Radio - Out of Sight, Out of Mind - The Hum of the Electric Air
The London Apartments - Fair is Fair - Signals and Cities are Forever
Secede - Age Tandems - Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic
Ironomi - Omokage - S/T
Helios - Luek - Unomia
Bonobo - Animals - Black Sands**
Berry Weight - Heart Shaped Rock - Music for Imaginary Movies
Blockhead - Triptych Pt. 2 - Music by Cavelight

2A - Cemetery of Dreams - Hologram**
Pantha Du Prince - Es Schneit - Black Noise**
Four Tet - Love Cry - There is Love in You**
Scott Hardkiss - Come On, Come On (Dean and Britta Remix) - Keep On Going EP**
Scott Hardkiss - Come On, Come On - Technicolor Dreamer
Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Drums of Death Remix) - One Life Stand The Remixes**
Emilie Simon - Dame de Lotus - The Flower Book
Sally Shapiro - I Know - Disco Romance
She - Moonlight - Orion

Vitalic - Your Disco Song - Flashmob
Shinichi Osawa - Fools - The One
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentmoller Remix) - We Share Our Mother's Health EP

Phantogram - Running From the Cops - Eyelid Movies**
Jonsi - Go Do - Go**
Roky Erickson/ Okkervil River - Bring Back the Past - True Love Cast Out All Evil**
Manual - Afterimages - Drowned in Light**
Jonsi - Tornado - Go**
In Tall Buildings - Twenty One - S/T**
Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins - 70 MPH Isnt Fast Enough to Get out of Nebraska - Fascinating Fingers
Guitar - Red and White - Tokyo

Graham Wright - Crooked Moon - Crooked Moon

First Show at my horrid new time

Wednesday mornings, 3-6 am. Three hours, both fun and hateful.

Freelance Whales - Hannah - Weathervanes**(New In studio)

Los Campesinos! - Who Fell Asleep - Romance is Boring
Death From Above 1979 - Black History Month - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
World's End Girlfriend - Bless Yourself Bleed - Hurtbreak Wonderland
Ironomi - Sakuraakashi - Ironomi
Aarktica - LYMZ (Slicnaton Remix) - In Sea Remixes
Aphex Twin - Actium - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Kettel - Wim Hoffman - Volleyed Iron
The Flashbulb - Forbidden Tracks - Soundtrack to a Vacant Life

Boards of Canada - Pete Standing Alone - Music Has the Right to Children
Capsula - Zero One Blues - Sense of a Drop
CFCF - Monolith - Continent
Cyann and Ben - Obsessing and Screaming Voice in a Shell - Happy Like an Autumn Tree
Four Tet - Love Cry - There is Love in You**
Gus Gus - Add This Song - 24/7
Gui Boratto - Ballroom - Take My Breath Away

Hybrid - If I Survive - Wider Angle Disc 1
Genika - Safe Alive - The Purity
Koop - In a Heartbeat - Waltz for Koop
M83 - Farewell/Goodbye - Before the Dawn Heals Us
Jonsi and Alex - Happiness - Riceboy Sleeps
Pantha du Prince - Behind the Stars - Black Noise**
Royksopp - Alpha Male - The Understanding
Electric Sea Spider - Augustus Sebastian the Murderer The Thief

Pati Yang - Over - Faith, Hope, Fury

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