Thursday, October 28, 2010

Platlist 10/21/10

Thanks a lot to Chris for Subbing! Much appreciated

Hudson Mohawke-Star Crakout-All City
The Do-Tammie-A Mouthful***
Autolux-Turnstile Blues-Demo
Camera Obscura-Tears for Affairs-Lets Get Out of This Country
Russian Circles-Death Rides a Horse-Enter***
Blonde Redhead-Equus-Misery is a Butterfly
Local Natives-Wide Eyes-Gorilla Manor***
Cold Cave-The Trees Grew Emotions and Died-Love Comes Close
Books on Tape-Unlucky Bounce-Books on Tape Sings the Blues
Do Make Say Think-The Universe!-You, You’re a History in Rust
Russian Circles-New Macabre-Enter***
Oxford Collapse-Please Visit Your National Parks-Remember the Night Parties
Autolux-Future Perfect-Demo
Boom Bip-Girl Toy-Blue Eyed in the Red Room
Thavius Beck-Under Pressure-Thru
Hamvagen EP
Set Fire to Flames-falling lights are fading. . ./reign rebuild-Sings
Reign Rebuilder [tail out]. . .
Daedelus-Thanatopsis-Exquisite Corpse
Doseone-The Line the Cold-SkeletonRepelent
Take feat Gabe Hernandez-Walk Away-From L.A. with Love
CocoRosie-Noah’s Ark-Noah’s Ark
Darkstar-Aidys Girl’s a Computer-North***
Detektivbyran-Hemvagen-Hamvagen EP
Free Moral Agents-Sounds at Sea-From LA with Love
Books on Tape-Pointe Du Pied-Books on Tape Sings the Blues
Daedelus-Name Game-Rethinking the Weather
Boom Bip-U R Here-Seed to Sun
Deadelus-Telling Meaning-Of Snowdonia
Cold Cave-Life Magazine-Love Comes Close
Moving Units-Between Us and Them-Dangerous Dreams
Mochipet & Ray Barbee-Forwards Back-Baby Godzilla
Mophono-Sun Power-Golden Gate Breaks
Nosaj Thing-Aquarium-Views/Octapus
Robot Koch-Hard to Find-Project Moon Circles
Omid-Monolith-Sound of the Sitar
Boom Bip-Seed to Sun-Roads Must Roll
Books on Tape-Republic Of-Books on Tape Sings the Blues
Detektivbyran-Dansbanan-Hamvagen EP

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