Sunday, March 14, 2010

Makin' a blog

Finally got around to this. i'll host old playlists later on, but for now, here's the list for 03/11.
Also, I'll post or direct people to links where they can download any music they request, if that seems to come up.

Seabear - We Fell Off The Roof - We Built a Fire**
Anais Mitchell - Wait ft. Bon Iver - Hadestown
Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose - Younger - Bridge Carols**
The Tumbled Sea - Summer IV - Melody/Summer
My Majestic Star - Stranger - I Haven't Got it In Me**
Efterklang - I Was Playing Drums - Magic Chairs**
The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving - Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre**
Bear Claw - Warm Winter/Cold Fall - One Sider**
Pacific Theater - Jacket Weather - Animals at Night**
Woodpigeon - ...And as the Ship Went Down, You Never Looked Finer -Die Stadt Muzikanten
Laura Veirs - When You Give Your Heart - July Flame

P.J. Olsson - People - Words for Living
Liam Finn and Eliza Jane - On Your Side - Champagne in Seashells
Carta - Prettier at Night - An Index of Birds**
Sarah June - Cowboy - In Black Robes**
Bon Iver - For Emma - For Emma, Forever Ago
Bowerbirds - Crooked Lust - Upper Air

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